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5 skrivnosti dobrega zeliščnega vrta

A herb garden is very welcome in every home, because in addition to its beautiful appearance and pleasant smell, it is also distinguished by the wide usefulness of cultivated herbs. Medicinal herbs can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes, teas, drinks, creams, oils. With all their properties, they have a beneficial effect on our well-being and health.

1. Choose a suitable location

Location is very important for the successful growth of herbs. Most culinary herbs need a lot of sun, so choose a south or west facing location to get the most heat and sun. A rock garden is also very suitable for a herb garden, which provides enough sun for several plants on a small surface, and is also a real feast for the eyes.

2. Pruning and use

Herbs grow quickly, so we can quickly start using them for seasoning dishes, making teas, skin care creams and other products. Pruning herbs is also recommended as it encourages branching and new growth so that the fresh plant can be used all season long. If an herb grows strongly, the plant can be trimmed by a third or half, and this herb can be dried in the shade or in an airy space and stored as a spice or tea, which has a beneficial effect on health and warms us in the autumn and winter months.

3. Growing some herbs

Some herbs, e.g. mint and lemon balm, with an underground branching root system, can quickly grow strongly over a large area and also outgrow other herbs. This can be avoided by placing barriers between the herbs in the soil, they can be planted in the soil in a pot, or the aforementioned herbs can be planted separately, e.g. in flower beds.

4. Keep herbs close to the kitchen so you can use them more

If you have space at home for an herb garden, every walk to this oasis of fragrances will fill you with fresh energy and awaken new ideas for using them. If you don't have space, you can easily grow herbs on a balcony or windowsill, as they are very undemanding, they just need a lot of sun. You can grow them in smaller or larger flower pots or troughs, and thus ensure well-being with their beneficial smell, and in addition to the beautiful appearance of the windowsill or balcony. You can e.g. grow on the windowsill in the kitchen and thus always have fresh herbs available for creating in the kitchen. By using them regularly and pruning them in this way, you also take good care of the plant, as you enable new and richer growth.

5. Combining with ornamental plants and vegetable garden

Herbs can be planted in a specially designated herb garden, but they can also be planted among ornamental plants or in a vegetable garden. At a time when some of the earliest ornamental plants, e.g. hyacinths and daffodils are already blooming, most of the herbs start to grow lushly, so by planting them together, we can achieve a beautiful appearance of the garden throughout the season. Herbs are very welcome in the vegetable garden, as they repel some pests, and in addition, during flowering, they attract many garden friends - bees, which are essential for pollination of plants. Some herbs, such as rosemary can also be planted as a shrub, as it is woody, grows up to 2 meters high and is evergreen, so it gives the garden a pleasant smell and appearance all year round.

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